Best Of Twitter: Professor Branestawm

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Here’s the latest batch of photos (plus a extra video!) from the filming of Professor Branstawm, featuring Harry Hill in the title role:

Oxford Mail has also discussed the filming of Professor Branestawn in Wallingford.

Get Your Tickets For Harry Hill’s Stars In Their Eyes Preview

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Courtesy of Stars In Their Eyes/Initial

Want to see an exclusive preview of brand new Harry Hill’s Stars In Their Eyes? Well, now’s your chance!

With the show returning next year to ITV, tickets are available for what is being described as an “intimate, exclusive show run through”, which Harry will present at a club in West London. You’ll get to be one of the first people to see Harry’s take on the classic format and enjoy some top notch singalikes!

Completely free of charge, tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis. You’ll need to be 18 or over and tickets will be limited to four per person.

The preview will not be televised and you will be asked to keep the details confidential.

For a chance to get tickets, email – do it quick, as they will go in a puff of smoke!

Web Burp: First BBC Appearance, TV Burp Reminiscing + YBF Ad Trouble

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Journey Into Space featured on the cover of th...
Journey Into Space featured on the cover of the Radio Times. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are the latest bits and bobs of Harry Hill news for your Sunday:

  • You can go back in time and find out all about Harry’s early appearances on the BBC with a new archive of the Radio Times on BBC Genome. Did you know Harry presented Top of the Pops once and his first appearance was on BBC Radio 4’s When Harry Met Ally with Alistair McGowan.
  • Oxford Mail has discussed TV Burp in relation to Gogglebox and Bedfordshire News in relation to The Apprentice.
  • Hag and Con have talked to The Harry Hill Movie writer James Lamont about working with Harry.
  • Harry has been mentioned in a Chortle correspondence from the mysterious DL.
  • And finally, the Telegraph have reported that ITV have got in a little trouble after airing a condom advert during You’ve Been Framed!


New You’ve Been Framed Continues Tomorrow

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Courtesy of ITV

The new series of You’ve Been Framed  continues tomorrow (Saturday).

Back to 6.30pm this week on ITV, here are the details:

Harry Hill introduces more funny home videos filmed by viewers, whilst taking a sledgehammer to celebrity culture. In today’s episode, Mick Jagger’s son attempts to backflip off his dad’s lower lip, Caroline Flack goes up in flames at a fracking party and a pair of George Michael’s underpants cause a car accident, while at the zoo – a little girl falls into a stingray tank.

Don’t forget that the show is now on Twitter, so don’t forget to follow them at @youvebeenframed.

Repeats air during the week on ITV2.

Web Burp: Burp, Book, Framed and Horse

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Harry Hill's TV Burp
Harry Hill’s TV Burp

Here is the latest roundup of Harry Hill news:

  • TV Burp has been mentioned in a review of Grantchester in the Daily Express, suggesting a fight between the show and Father Brown, and The Mirror has mentioned how Gogglebox has taken over its TV reviewing mantle.
  • Paul Merton has talked to Nottingham Post about his desire to move to the big screen and cited The Harry Hill Movie as an example of British comedy films.
  • A review in The Spectator of Caroline Hodgson’s For The Love of Radio 4: An Unofficial Companion has revealed that Harry used to send in jokes to Week Ending whilst still working as a doctor, using a fax machine supposed to be used for organ donor alerts!
  • Harry’s new book, Colossal Compedium, has been reviewed by The Bookbag.
  • Rebecca Nicholson for The Guardian has reviewed the return of You’ve Been Framed.
  • River Cottage has been reminising about TV Burp:

  • Al Murray had badger news:

  • Finally, Harry has been on a horse over on his Instagram:


Pictures: Filming Starts For Professor Branestawm

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Filming has begun for BBC1 Christmas drama Professor Branestawm and Twitter has been awash with pictures of the cast and crew filming for the first time.

We’ve selected the best, including Harry in character with Simon Day, Ben Miller, David Mitchell and Charlie Higson, for you below:

You can also view a gallery from Get Surrey here.

Keep it Harry Hill Fansite for the latest on filming!

More New You’ve Been Framed This Saturday

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Courtesy of ITV

There’s another episode of brand spanking new You’ve Been Framed  tomorrow (Saturday).

On again at 6.30pm on ITV, here are the details:

Harry Hill introduces funny home videos filmed by viewers, while taking a chainsaw to popular culture. In today’s episode, Claire Balding marries a horse and Steven Spielberg finds an explosive cure for his constipation, while there is also a trampoline electrocution and a drone camera giving a bride a black-eye on her wedding day.

Hop over to Twitter and join in the conversation at the official Twitter, @youvebeenframed.

Repeats air during the week on ITV2.

Trailer: Harry Hill’s Sausage Time

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BBC Comedy Greats have release the trailer for Harry Hill’s Sausage Time, his first standup DVD in almost 10 years, which is out next month.

Filmed across two nights  at The Grand Opera House, Leeds last year, the trailer shows a preview of Harry’s comedy, his band The Caterers, some of Harry’s friends and family in the show and more.

You can watch below:

Pre-order your copy now on – out 24th November.

Harry Hill Talks I Can’t Sing End, Stars In Their Eyes + His Ideas For The Show

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Harry Hill Tough Crowd 1
© Dave Brown

Harry Hill has talked to Rick Fulton for the Daily Record on his current and recent projects.

Firstly, after discussing the new series of The X Factor, he touched on I Can’t Sing, saying that it is a shame it isn’t still on after the return of Simon and Cheryl:

Because we had Simon, Louis and Cheryl, it was the old line-up and now that’s come back, I’m watching The X Factor now and thinking, ‘It’s a real shame this show isn’t on at the moment – because it would be even funnier’.

He also commented on his thoughts on the show and its future as a touring show:

It was really great. It was probably the funniest show I’ve ever been involved in.

I think a lot people thought, ‘Oh well, I’ll get tickets for Christmas’. A lot of people I talked to said, ‘We haven’t got round to going to see it’. And just assumed it would run. But shows don’t run if people don’t buy tickets. Obviously, it wasn’t a huge success but it got good reviews. Personally, I think if enough people went to see it, then it would have been a big hit.

We’re currently working on getting it out on tour. That’s the new thing with it. The audience always loved it, every night, pretty much. The audience really went for it. And it was unusual. It was different to a lot of the stuff that you’ve got in the West End. We can only speculate why it didn’t catch fire.

He also talked the return of Stars In Their Eyes, saying that a whole generation of stars have popped up since it stopped airing and they can now be on the show, and describing the show as the “ultimate tirbute” to a star.

As already revealed, the format will be tweaked slightly to suit Harry, with a few suggestions explained:

They’re up for me mucking about with it. Obviously we had to keep the kind of core of it, that moment as you walk through the smoky doorway and you’ve turned from an elderly lady into Lady Gaga.

But one idea was a new spot in the show where we have a well-known person, a famous person, becoming someone ordinary. So we have maybe Bob who is a plumber in Margate and we have Robbie Williams coming through the smoky doorway as him and fixing a U-bend.

Maybe we could do a similar thing with pets or dogs or even vegetables. We’ve all had that moment where we’ve sliced through a parsnip and the cut surface does vaguely resemble Kylie Minogue. You know, we want to see these pictures.

There is also the possibility of old contestants coming back to “find out what they’re up to now,” suggesting all of the Neil Diamonds come on together.

He also revealed he wasn’t going to be Morissey when he appeared on the show himself:

Well you know originally when I went for the audition I didn’t want to do Morrissey, I wanted to do George Michael. I wanted to do that song Let’s Go Outside, the one where he’s in the toilet with the revolving urinals. I thought that might be quite fun.

But they told me I didn’t sound enough like George. So maybe I’ll exorcise that ghost and come back as George again.

Finally, he touched on the end of TV Burp and why he decided to end the show.

To read the full article, visit

Professor Branestawm May Become Returning Drama, Filming Starting Soon + Harry’s Look Revealed?

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English: Charlie Higson, comedian and Young Bo...
Charlie Higson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Professor Branestawm could become a returning drama according to a report in Broadcast.

After the Christmas airing of the currently one-off drama, executive producer Ben Farrell has suggested that it “could absolutely work as a longer-term project” with “certainly a lot more Branestawm stories to tell if the audience enjoys this show.” With a thirteen book series, there is plenty of content for the future.

He also added that it is going to be “hugely challenging” as a project when taking into account the special effects being used.

The film is scheduled to start next week, with Charlie Higson, the drama’s writer, tweeting on the first readthrough:

and Oxfordshire Guardian revealing that filming will take place at Wallingford, which will be appearing as Pagwell on the drama, on 14th and 15th October.

Finally, Harry has put a photo of him on Instagram, perhaps getting ready to play the character with a different look to his trademark image:

For more on the drama, keep it Harry Hill Fansite!