Harry Hill Talks To The Big Issue

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Harry Hill In The Big Issue
Harry Hill In The Big Issue

Harry Hill is the cover interviewee in the latest issue of The Big Issue – and thanks to the team, Harry Hill Fansite has been given a preview.

Out now, he has spoken to Eamonn Forde on the difficult move from the success of TV Burp back into the world of stand up, discussing his new tour Sausage Time. Having already done a number of warm up dates, he commented on his fears after doing TV Burp for so many years and said:

What I have found on the warm-up shows is that sometimes it takes a while to win them over. But by the end they have got it. Which is quite satisfying.

He also explained how TV Burp was changing towards the end of its run, though conflict was influencing this to:

I was always trying to make it into a sketch show. I was trying to edge out the clips whereas the others were trying to get more clips.

Pick up your copy of The Big Issue to read the full interview, which delves deeper into the decision to end TV Burp and the difficulties towards the end of the run, who’s in and who’s out of the tour – including the potential cameo from a much loved TV star from the last series and more.

The issue is out now from your local vendor.

For more, visit Big Issue and also Twitter.

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